Steilacoom High School

The Best Education for Every Student

VMI-Virginia Military Institute- $5000 per academic year; SAT 1350; GPA 3.7; Deadline 2/1/16; See Mrs. Wortman for application

Colorado State University-Presidential, Provost's and Dean's Scholarship; $40,000-24,000 ($10,000-$6000/year); Partnership Award; $20,000 ($5000/year) award, Native American Legacy Award (Amount Varies); Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholar Award- WUE (Amount Varies). Awarded to admitted non-resident first-time freshmen who meet specific academic criteria-Details at

Educational Scholarship Program-Lakeview Light & Power: Two $2000 scholarships to the Children of Lakeview Light & Power members and/or customers who are graduating from high school in the spring of 2016. See Mrs. Wortman for application.

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.  Scholarships vary from $1000-$5000; Deadline 2/10/16; Details can be found at

National Honor Society- National Honor Society-300 national semifinalists. All semifinalists will receive $1,500 scholarships. Twenty-five national finalists will receive an additional $1,500—for a total of $3,000. The national winner will now receive a total of $15,500; Deadline 2/16/16; Details at​

Spirit of Anne Frank Scholarship: Deadline 2/19/16; Details at