• Mrs. Byrd

    Class schedule
    Period 1:   6th Grade Math   Google Classroom code: 
    Period 2:   6th Grade Math   Google Classroom code: 
    Period 3:   6th Grade Math  Google Classroom code: 
    Period 4:   6th Grade Math   Google Classroom code:
    Period 5:   6th Grade Math   Google Classroom code: 
    Period 6:   PLAN

    Mrs. Byrd grew up in University Place, WA and attended Curtis High School. She is married with two children, Benjamin and Mia. 

    • Bachelor's degree in History at the University of Oregon in 2000
    • Masters in Teaching through City University in 2003.
    • Highly Qualified in Washington state as a math teacher in 2007. 
    • Professional Certification as a Washington state teacher through PLU in 2011.