Athletics at Pioneer

  • The Pioneer Middle School athletic program provides a safe, structured environment which allows individual students of diverse backgrounds and abilities a chance to participate in sports. 

    We believe that athletic participation provides a unique opportunity to fulfill many of the personal, social, and physical needs common to middle school students.  Participation in appropriate competitive athletics increases an individual's sense of personal worth, self-discipline, respect, and fair play, which can carry over into daily problem solving throughout life.

    Coaches, teachers, and parents have a shared responsibility to help guide, nurture, and support youth in developing the confidence, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to make good choices on and off the playing fields.

     Covid Update

    While we are ecstatic to have sports in full swing we are still taking our guidelines (DOH and WIAA) very seriously and will adhere to them as closely as possible.

    Pioneer works closely with our transportation, referee organizations and other schools to make sure we are good to go on game day and hope to let you know of any changes as soon as we know.
    We do ask for your patience when things happen quickly such as other teams canceling at the last minute or unable to play for reasons beyond our control. We will contact you through ParentSquare so please check your app before game day.

    Mask Requirements
    ● Masks required when:
         ○ In the building (when not actively competing in sport)
         ○ When in close proximity to others (indoors and out)
         ○ On buses
         ○ On the bench or sidelines (indoors and out)- 6ft social distancing when able.
    ● Masks are not required outdoors, regardless of vaccination status. Masks
    are strongly recommended for unvaccinated individuals when outdoors in
    crowded spaces or when in close contact with people from outside their
    household for a sustained period of time, as the risk of COVID-19 infection
    increases with the duration and closeness of contact between individuals. A
    space might be considered crowded when individuals are unable to
    maintain six feet of distance from each other.

    Quarantine Guidelines
    ● Fully vaccinated and no symptoms – Quarantine not required.
    COVID-19 testing (rapid) should occur 3-5 days after exposure.
    ● Past COVID-19 Positive (within last 3 months) and no symptoms
    (regardless of vaccination status) – Quarantine not required. If
    symptoms develop, follow SYMPTOMATIC protocols.
    ● Not vaccinated or have not had a Past COVID-19 Positive (within last
    3 months) and no symptoms:
    ○ 14 day quarantine after last close contact is the safest option
    ○ 10 day quarantine after last close contact is allowed – if
    symptoms develop, test and move to 14 days.
    ○ 7 day quarantine with a negative COVID-19 PCR test within the
    last 2 days of quarantine.
    ● Spectators will be allowed at all sporting events
    ● Social distancing will be required for all indoor events and
    recommended for outdoor sports
    ● Masks will be required for all indoor spectators
    ● SHSD asks that if you are within 6 ft of someone outside your
    household that you should wear a mask.
    ● Anyone entering the building will be required to wear a mask

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact John Nystrom or Emily Plumb.

Participation Guidelines

  • In order to participate in a sport a student must have a current physical on file in the school office, register online through InTouch, purchase an ASB card, pay the user fee after tryouts.  

    Students must also meet the academic eligibility requirements. 

Academic Eligibility

  • The opportunity to participate in the interscholastic athletic programs are a privilege granted to all students of the district. Participants in these voluntary programs are expected to conform to specific conduct standards established by the principals, coaches, advisors and athletic director. A student who is found by a staff member or coach of the student's school to be in violation of any rules is subject to removal from the team. Provision is made for a student who has allegedly violated one or more of the conduct rules to appeal a disciplinary action as specified in this code. All disciplinary actions shall be based on factual knowledge, as determined by the athletic director, coach and school administrators.

    Student athletes must be present a full school day on the day of practices, contests, or activity to be eligible to participate. Exceptions must be cleared through the athletic director or coach.

    2. GRADES
    a. Student athletes must meet a minimum requirement of a 2.0 GPA with no failing grades or have a 2.5 GPA or better with one F to be eligible to participate in contests. (See d and e for remedy options)

    b. Student athletes not meeting the minimum grade requirement may participate in team practice.

    c. Student athlete and club members’ grades will be checked by the athletic director/ coach following quarter, semester and progress grade reports.

    d. Student athletes not meeting minimum grade requirements for 14 calendar days from any classes will be banned from contest participation for a minimum of 7 calendar days, starting the Monday (or first school day if Monday is a non-school day) following a grade check.

    e. Ineligible student athletes are afforded the opportunity to complete a grade check on Thursday and Friday during the week of ineligibility to determine the next week’s eligibility standing.

    f. A student athlete may be required to complete a grade check for the purpose of eligibility at any time during the student’s athletic season.

    g. All grade checks for ineligible athletes will be conducted under the supervision of the athletic director and coach.

    h. A student who does not meet the minimum academic grade requirements at the end of a quarter will be ineligible to compete in athletic contests through the 10th school day of the next quarter. A valid grade check on that date is required to restore their eligibility for competition or participation (see section “2a” above).

Behavior Expectations

  • Student athletes are looked to as leaders in the school and we expect appropriate behavior on and off the court/field. Each coach will communicate their expectations and team rules to their athletes at the start of the season. Violations of team rules, the Athletic Code, and general school policies as outlined in the student handbook may result in disciplinary action including suspension or removal from the team. Although individual team rules may vary from sport to sport, there are several common to all sports at Pioneer:

    • Attendance at school and practice are mandatory for participation. Student athletes must attend school the entire day of a contest in order to participate. Exceptions can only be made by the building administration or the athletic director.
    • Unauthorized absence from practice will not be tolerated. Any absence from practice on a day the student attended school will require prior arrangements with the coach.
    • A participant who has been dropped from the team for disciplinary or eligibility reasons will not be allowed to participate in any other sport during that season.
    • An athlete whose behavior, as determined by an administrator, warrants In-School Suspension will not travel to an away game and will not participate in a contest or practice that day.
    • Athletes who are sick or too injured to participate in physical education classes shall be considered unavailable for an athletic event that same day.
    • Following an athletic event away from our campus, students may be released only to their own parents/guardians.
    • All first time offenses for alcohol and/or tobacco violations will result in a three-week suspension from the team, parent notification, and possible referral to the police. The three week suspension period may be reduced to a two week suspension if the athlete completes a chemical dependency evaluation and follows the recommendations of the program counselor. A second offense will result in suspension from all sports for the remainder of the year.

    Parents must agree to pick up their student athletes at the designated time following practices and games.

Athlete Code of Conduct

  • At all times athletes are expected to support the ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play. They are expected to show courtesy to visiting teams, officials, and visitors at all times. The integrity and judgment of sports officials will be respected at all times. Rules of the game and standards of eligibility will be respected at all times. Finally, athletes are expected to recognize the fact that they represent not only themselves, but also their team, school, family, and community when involved in their activity.

Who makes the team?

  • All grades meeting the academic requirements are welcome to try-out for a team (except Football - grades 7-8 per WIAA guidelines). Unfortunately, facilities and resources are limited and sometimes it is necessary to have “cuts”. This depends on the sport and the number of students who come out for the sport. Student athletes will be told the criteria (skills, attitude, hustle, etc.) and given a fair opportunity to show their abilities during the first couple days of practice. We understand that no one wants to be cut from a team and it can be hard to handle for a middle school student. When cuts are necessary, we will do everything we can to conduct the cuts as compassionately as possible.

What do my fees pay for?

  • The user fee pays for the cost of the officials and travel to away games and matches. ASB funds provide uniforms for each team, equipment, and supplies.


    All Sports User Fees are $45 each (Except Football - $75)

    One time ASB Fee - $15 Required for all sports


    If you need any assistance with sports or ASB fees please contact the athletic director to see if you qualify for a scholarship. John Nystrom, Athletic Director -

All-Star Parents

  • How do you define an all-star parent? Very simply, he or she is a parent who is a good sport and a great fan. To become an all-star parent of an athlete, there are times when you must stop parenting. When your son or daughter changes into uniform and becomes an athlete, you also have to change – from parent to fan. Your job is not to be the coach or the expert. You are there to support your son or daughter and the team. You are an admirer, an encourager, and a fan. You applaud the “downs” as well as the “ups”.

Three “B’s” for All-Star Parenting

  • BE THERE – Come to the games. Regardless of the skill level of your child or the success of the team – go to the games. Be supportive.

    BE POSITIVE – On the sidelines, if you cannot say something positive, don’t say anything at all. Nothing good comes from negative statements and nothing negative comes from positive ones. If you can’t be positive, be silent.

    BE RESPECTFUL – It's good to be positive; it’s not good to overdo it.  Be a cheerleader from the stands!

    When you are a positive, acknowledging fan, an interesting thing may happen. Your son or daughter will want you at the games then you will know that you are an important member of your child’s personal all-star team.

Keep in mind

  • Before being able to tryout for a team, a student must have done the following:

    • Purchase an ASB card
    • Paid the user fee (must be paid before the first game)
    • Complete the online registration process
    • Have insurance 
    • Turn in a copy of a physical that is less than two years old to the Athletic Secretary

    Meet the minimum academic eligibility requirements.