Agenda for English


    Students can access and use materials in the Google Classroom.  
    This page is for parents to know what we are doing.  When possible, I will provide links to activities and work here, also.
    2022-23 School Year
    Welcome Back! Activities
    Day 1
    The Art of Gathering (well)--in what ways should we think of school as a gathering?
    Day 2
    Where I'm From Poem (learn the template, read a sample, write one)
    Read "Hearing Family Stories" article  
    Day 3
    Create a Life Map
    Present Poems and Maps 
    ---------  2021-22 School Year ----------------------------
    "And then there were none"
    Various Exercises for Skill Building
    The material outlined in this document is the collection of all that we could do, though we will not do all of it.  
    I plan for students to do 1, or perhaps 2, of the activities in each of the 3 Activity Sets listed in the document.
    January 18-mid-February
    January 4--14
    November 30-December 17
    November 29
    Boston Massacre Overview (in support of Social Studies)
    November 15-24
    November 4-12
    October 18-November 3 (or so)
    Creepy Stories
    This is the work, which will be posted as Google Classroom questions.  The stories, and audio for each, are posted in the Google Classroom assignment, by the name of each story.
    September 20, 2021 (about 3 weeks)
    September 7, 2021
    How has the experience of the last 18 months affected your view of the purpose of school?
    Read and Review Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins
    September 3, 2021
    Play Word Game
    Write Where I'm from poem
    September 2, 2021
    Welcome Back!
    Introduce yourself to the class...by telling us your favorite poetry!  (Trust me...it isn't what you think.)
    Perform some of what will likely be not your favorite poetry.
    School Re-entry Target:  Try to think about what you need in order to be able to sit, listen, talk, work through a full-length school day.