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    Highly Capable Program - Referral Process

    Because of the statewide closure of schools, we are adjusting our referral process of students for the Highly Capable Program. 

    School closure prevented the district form conducting universal screening for HCP in the spring. We will screen all 3rd graders in the fall of 2020.

    For all other grades the timeline for the 2020-2021 referral process will be posted here on June 1st.




    Steilacoom Historical School District recognizes the academically talented as those who possess exceptional cognitive ability, who demonstrate high academic performance, and who have superior thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills.  Such students need special academic programs to provide them with intellectual challenges.


    ·         To bring together students of high ability in order to enable them to be challenged and stimulated by students of like ability.

    ·         To provide accelerated academic enrichment opportunities for students of high intellectual and academic achievement.

    ·         To offer rigorous academic curriculum that supplements their classroom instruction.

    ·         To offer an environment where highly capable students are encouraged to reach their full potential

    ·         To address the social and emotional needs of students through peer interaction and by fostering a sense of community.



    Sylvia Yoho

    District Highly Capable Coordinator 


    Before recommending a child, please review the following characteristics of students who will most likely benefit from the Highly Capable Program.

    ·         Is advanced in achievement well beyond grade level expectations.

    ·         Needs a fast paced, accelerated learning setting.

    ·         Wants to be involved in an accelerated learning opportunity.

    ·         Will be self-motivated and committed to independent task completion and quality work.

    ·         Is comfortable in a competitive situation with intellectual peers.



    All referred students will be screened and assessed using district-approved measures.


    STUDENT SELECTION A team of educators reviews assessment information and recommends students based on overall qualifications.

    Parents will be informed, in writing, about placement decisions by mid-June.


    APPEALS: Any parent or teacher dissatisfied with the selection decision may appeal to the Highly Capable Program Coordinator.  All appeals must be submitted in writing and include evidence supporting that either 1) a circumstance exists which may have caused a misinterpretation of the testing results; or 2) the identification process was unfairly applied.  Appeals are reviewed by the Multidisciplinary Committee.


    Can I re-submit a recommendation in the fall if my student didn’t get selected in the spring? No. Students can only be recommended once every two years.





    * Referral and testing for newly enrolled (transfer) students will occur throughout the academic school year.  Students who have qualified and/or participated in a Highly Capable or Gifted/Talented program in a previous school district will be considered. Previous records will be obtained and reviewed to determine eligibility.  

    *November - Mid-January:  Referrals and testing for kindergarten students to determine eligibility and begin program by the end of January.

    *March-April: Referrals accepted for current students.

    *May-June: Testing for current students to determine eligibility for the following school year.


    Recommendation packets can be obtained from the district website, the district office, or by contacting the Highly Capable Program Coordinator via email to request a packet.