• Head Lice Information

    What are they?

    • Head lice are small, tan-colored insects about the size of a sesame seed that lay tiny, gray/white eggs (nits) in the hair.
    • If you have nits it doesn't always mean that you have head lice. 
    • Anybody can get head lice.  It is not a sign of uncleanliness or poor housekeeping.  Lice do not discriminate.
    • Spread of head lice requires direct head to head contact.  They can't swim, fly, hop or jump.

    Prevention can you stop them?

    • Weekly family head checks for the entire family.  The best way to stop lice is for families to learn how perform head checks.  This way they can find any lice before they have a chance to breed or the nits to hatch.
    • If lice/nits are found - treat immediately and thoroughly.
    • Instruct children not to share hats, combs, brushes, barrettes, etc.