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    General Information/FAQ's 

    How do students qualify for a district’s English language development program?

    When students enroll in school, parents are asked “What language did your child first learn to speak?” and “What language does your child use the most at home?”. If the answer to either question is a language other than English, the student takes the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA21)Placement Test. Students who score at Levels 1 (Emerging), or Levels 2 or 3 (Progressing), on the placement test qualify for additional assistant.  A student who scores at Proficient level will be not be eligible for services. 

    If they qualify for ELL services, what kind of help will they receive?

    All instruction will vary depending on student need. ELL students will receive services based on the schedule that has the least impact  on their missing core instruction.  ELL students are served in a pullout model consisting of other ELL students in their age or ability range. ELL teachers work to improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in order to meet state standards.


    How long do students receive services through the district’s English language development program?

    Students continue in the program as long as they need help learning English. The ELPA21 assessment is given to measure students’ growth in English language knowledge and skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. A score at Levels 1, 2, or 3 on the ELPA21 determines that the student will continue in program. Students successfully transition from the program when they meet the exit criteria on the ELPA21. The school district must provide additional academic support to students who need it for two years after scoring at a level 4 on the ELPA21 and exiting from the program.

    How often will students be tested on the ELPA21?

    All ELL students will be tested on the annual ELL assessment every spring.  Scores are sent home from the district office after test scores are received from OSPI. 

    Do parents have the right to decline services?

    Yes, parents can choose to remove their children from the English language development program. However, parents should first discuss this decision with an ELL staff member who can explain the benefits of participation in the program. Parents should also ask about the programs and methods of instruction available at the district. Parents have the right to choose another program or method of instruction, if available.

    How can I request an interpreter?

    You may request an interpreter to help you communicate either over the phone or during face-to-face conferences.  The interpreter can be requested by a parent or by a staff member. Please contact your school’s office team to make arrangements.  

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    ELL Contacts
    Jody McDonald, ELL Teacher
    Paul Harvey, Executive Director of Student Achievement