• daulaires
         We begin our year with Greek mythology and Joseph Campbell's monomyth. Students will strengthen their understanding of the attributes central to a good story by exploring the hero's journey through a selection of myths from ancient Greece. Using a combination of teacher read-alouds, student-led reader's theater selections, TED talk presentations, and Socratic seminars, students will delve into the themes and elements common to stories across time and place.
    Reading Writing Speaking/Listening Language
    R.1 I can refer to the text to support my thoughts and draw inferences. W.2 I can write an informative/explanatory piece which examines a topic and conveys ideas.
    SL.1 I can prepare for and participate in discussions by building on the ideas of others and expressing my own ideas clearly. L.1&2 I can use proper grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. (CUPS)
    R.2 I can use details from the text to determine the theme and give a summary without adding my opinion. W.3 I can write a real or imagined narrative with descriptive details and effective technique.
    SL.4 I can logically present my ideas while making eye contact, using appropriate volume, and speaking clearly. L.4-6 I can use context clues to understand unfamiliar vocabulary.
    R.3 I can describe how and why people/characters, events, and ideas develop throughout a text. W.5 I can plan, revise, edit, and rewrite using feedback from peers and adults. (Writing Process)
    R.6.10 I can read and understand text at and above my grade level.