***Please be aware that there are “scholarship scams.” Ask questions and read information carefully before submitting applications. The attached list of individual(s)/agencies is being provided as an informational item for your convenience.  The Steilacoom Historical School District does not recommend or endorse any of these individual(s)/agencies provided on the attached and will not be held liable or responsible for any services provided by them.  As such, the Steilacoom Historical School District highly recommends that you conduct your own research and investigation and exercise due diligence before selecting any of these individual(s)/agencies for services.****

    Due:  May 1st, 2017
    Random Scholarship #9 
    **Eligibility:  Juniors and Seniors w/a GPA or 3.00 or above 
    For more info:  email:  Deanelveen@gmail.com
    For Application:  See Mrs. Dagan
    Due:  May 1st, 2017
    David J. Crouse Scholarship
    Eligibility:  High school student who is planning to serve in the military, police force or another public service in Washington
    Due:  May 5th
    2017 Fire Fighters Memorial Scholarship
    Eligibility: Senior that is a son or daughter of an active duty or retired Fire Fighter
    For more info:  Contact Carole Wagner @ (253) 472-7802 
    Due:   May 15
    Grade Potential Tutoring Scholarship
    Eligibility:  Senior 
    Due:  May 20th 
    Clay Huntington Sports Communications Scholarship $2,500
    Eligibility:  Senior with intended major in Radio/Television Production and/or Broadcast/Editorial Journalism/Communications
    For more info:  Please see Mrs. Dagan for application 

    Due:  May 22nd, 2017

    B. Davis Scholarship

    Eligibility:  Senior

    For more info:  www.studentawardsearch.com

    Due:  May 26th, 2017
    MBA Pierce Scholarship
    Eligibility:  Senior pursuing a vocational, two or four year college benefiting building trade
    For more info: www.mbapierce.com
                                                                                    DUE JUNE
    Due:  June 1st, 2017
    CG Trader Scholarship
    Eligibility:  Senior attending college
    For more information:  www.cgtrader.com/scholarships
    Due June 12, 2017
    Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program 
    Eligibility:  Senior attending college
    Due:  June 15th
    Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship Program up to $2,500
    Eligibility:  Senior with a commitment to pursue a career or technical certificate/degree
    For more information:   Horatio Alger Scholarship
    Due:  June 15, 2017
    Larry L. Frost Memorial Golf Scholarship
    Eligibility:  Senior on golf team
    For more information:  write to Tacoma Police Union, P.O. Box 11265, Tacoma, WA 98411-1265
    For Application:  See Mrs. Dagan 
    Due:  June 17th, 2017
    Lucid Software/Lucidpress Design Scholarship
    Eligibility:  Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
    Due:  June 17th, 2017
    Lucid Software/Lucidchart Diagramming Scholarship
    Eligibility:  Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
    Due:  June 30th 
    Elizabeth Wesley Youth Merit Incentive Award Program $350
    Eligibility:   Freshman to Junior African American student 
    For more information:  Elizabeth Wesley Award 
                                                                                  DUE AUGUST 
    Due:  August 1, 2017 
    Christensen & Hymas General Scholarship
    Eligibility:   Senior w/GPA of 3.5 or better and planning to attend college 
    Due:  August 30th, 2017 
    Monica's Health Magazine Academic Scholarship
    Eligibility:   Senior attending college

    Due:  Year round enrollment

    Passport to College Promise

    **Eligibility:  foster youth

    For more info:  www.collegesuccessfoundation.org









    CollegePlan.org – Scholarships for students who live in the Pacific Northwest.

     •FastWeb.com - This is a national database. Students receive emails with potential scholarships which match your profile once created.


    WaOpportunityScholarship.org  - If you are pursuing a degree in a science, technology, engineering, math or health care field, at a Washington state college, you may be eligible

    WUE.wiche.edu – Pay 150% of resident tuition at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state.