• Adverse Weather Information
    From time to time throughout the school year, weather may force a change in the normal operating routine of the district. Steilacoom Historical School District (SHSD) has in place both a process to make decisions concerning cancellation or delay of school, and a communication system to share this information with students and parents.

    We will make every effort to adhere to the established school calendar, however the safety of students and employees is the highest priority. The following questions and answers will help clarify how decisions regarding school closure or delay of school are made and how they will be communicated.

    How are decisions made?
    Durham School Services and District staff check the local road conditions between 4:00 and 5:00 am.  Current and forecasted weather conditions are also reviewed.  Conditions on Anderson Island and in DuPont, Steilacoom, and portions of Lakewood are taken into consideration when making any weather-related decision.  The Superintendent determines feasibility of safely transporting students to and from school by 5:30 am.

    What can parents do to be prepared for school closures or delays?
    All families should have an emergency inclement weather plan in place that can be put into action on short notice. Ensure that your children have an alternate place to stay if you must be at work on a day when school has been canceled or delayed.

    Where can parents get information concerning school closures or delays?
    SHSD will communicate any changes in school operation schedules through a variety of ways.  For faster access to this information, please use the following resources before contacting your child's school or the District Office - our phone lines are often busy on days with school closures or delays.

    What can parents expect with school closures or delays?

    • Schools Closed – All schools will be closed. All meetings, field trips, and after-school activities will also be canceled.  No out-of-district transportation will be provided.
    • Schools 2 Hours Late – Schools will start 2 hours late. Buses will begin their routes 2 hours late and will pick up students at their regularly scheduled stops.  Students will be dismissed at regular time unless otherwise announced.  No AM Preschool and no out-of-district transportation.  No before-school activities.  Zero hour classes will start two hours late.
    • Early Release – This decision would only be made in a worst-case scenario with student and staff safety as our highest priority.

    Other Information
    The childcare program at Cherrydale Primary will follow their normal schedule and open as soon as safely possible on a 2-hour delay; they will cancel care if schools are closed.
    The Right at School program at Chloe Clark Elementary will follow the school schedule in the event of inclement weather (2 hours late or closed).
    For other locations, please contact your childcare provider.

    Facility Use
    Community groups using school facilities after hours should coordinate their activities with the school principal.

    Out-of-District Transportation
    This applies to small number of SHSD students who attend schools in other districts to meet their academic needs. This also applies to McKinney-Vento transportation.  This does not apply to the bus that transports students to and from Chloe Clark Elementary to JBLM.

    Changing the Call
    We avoid changing the call whenever possible. However, weather conditions or power outages may dictate a change.

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