• Dear High School Parents:

    You and your family are our primary concern during this unprecedented time of school closure.  We hope you are safe and well during this time away from school.  On April 6th, Governor Inslee declared that schools will be closed for the remainder of this school year. This message is being sent to all high school families to provide information about the school’s learning plan and how students and parents will be given feedback about student progress through the end of the school year.

    We are committed to not allowing the COVID-19 school closure impact our high school students, especially the Sentinel Senior Class of 2020. This means that we will continue to provide the opportunity for students to grow in their learning, and to earn grades and credits in their classes until the end of the school year. 

    Each teacher will provide two types of learning tasks for high school students.  The first type are Formative Instructional Tasks.  These will be listed and reported as “No Count” in SKYWARD.  Each teacher will also assign three Summative Instructional Tasks per class, which take place after the Formative Tasks, and may grade multiple standards. Please note the difference between Formative and Summative Tasks regarding the connection to grading.

    Other components related to these tasks and grading:

    • All tasks will be aligned with key learning standards.
    • Feedback regarding student performance will be provided by the teacher for both types of tasks and will be available through SKYWARD Family Access.
    • Teachers will clearly identify the type of task in the SKYWARD gradebook.
    • Opportunities for re-assessment will be afforded to students on Summative Tasks.

    The Due Date for all students to submit their evidence of learning, electronically or physically, will be Friday, May 29.  Semester two letter grades will consist of a student’s work assigned before March 13 and the work assigned after April 13.  Students who are at risk of failing the course after May 29th, will be allowed to continue to submit evidence of learning to earn a P (Pass) grade in any class. The Deadline for this option will be Friday, June 12. Any student failing to earn a C grade or better by the deadline of June 12 will have their semester two grade reported as NC (No Credit) on their transcript. 

    Please contact the school if you have questions about this notice.  Please contact your teachers if you have questions about tasks for a particular class. Also, continue to check the school website for updates and announcements.

    We are grateful to our hard-working staff who have kept the learning going through lesson planning and regular connection with their students.

    We are also fortunate that our school practices standards-based grading.  This allows teachers to adjust their instruction and identify key learning standards of focus for the remainder of the school year.  The practice allows students to focus on mastery of content instead of counting points. It also allows students to revise their work and re-assess as needed so that they can earn credits while we are operating under the school closure directive.

    We are grateful to you for your continued support and patience, and to our excellent staff for continuing the work of teaching and learning during this challenging time.

    As a support to parents, the state’s school agency, OSPI, has provided this guidance to parents regarding daily time spent engaged with learning tasks.