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    The Steilacoom High School Guidance Department offers counseling to students who are experiencing academic or personal difficulties. The student population is divided between three counselors counselors: those whose last names begin with the letters A-G are assigned to Arshvir Kariha, those with last names beginning with the letters H-O are assigned to Brittany Castignanie , and those with the last names P-Z are assigned to Chris Brugman. Sarah Campbell is our College and Career Counselor and helps students as they plan for their 13th year (scholarships, college apps, career exploration).   Jessica Rady is the Registrar.
    Parents concerned about their child's academic progress are encouraged to contact their child's teachers and/or counselor. 

    Students experiencing personal problems are also encouraged to meet with their school counselor. School counselors are available for short-term counseling; students needing long-term counseling may be referred to a counselor in private practice or agency.
    Steilacoom is fortunate to have a Military Family Life Counselor here three days a week to support our military-connected students. Contact your student's counselor for more information on how to access her services.  
    Meet your counselors!  (2020-2021 School Year)
    Students, A-G:
    Arshvir Kariha                   
    (253) 983-2313
    Students H-O:
    Brittany Castignanie
    (253) 983-2310
    Students P-Z:
    Chris Brugman
    (253) 983-2306
    Registrar (Transcript Requests):
    Jessica Rady
    College and Career Counselor:
    Sarah Campbell