• How to Survive the 6th Grade

    1) Ask questions! If you aren't sure about something, it's okay to ask an adult, like me, or another student.

    2) Be prepared. Bring your supplies daily. Keep paper, pencils, and pens in your binder so you are ready to go each day.

    3) Join a club. Pioneer has lots of options. My favorite is Game Club. We meet in my room (C202) every Thursday (starting on Sept 16) between 2:45 and 3:45.

    4) Get help after school. I'm here daily and so are your other teachers. If you feel like you don't get what's going on, make an appointment to come in after school for some one-on-one help. It's free!

    5) Use the websites available to you like Skyward and this site. Daily activities and handouts can often be access via the web 24/7.