• Jackie
    "My name is Jacqueline Van Wyhe.  This is my first year at Steilacoom High School and I am teaching Photography Level 1 and 2.  I have the wonderful opportunity to bring my marketplace expertise in photography, coupled with my background in teaching to our CTE department.
    Not only that, but I also have the unique privilege of working alongside my husband, Gabriel Van Wyhe, to build an outstanding photography program at SHS.
    The Level 1 students are just beginning to learn the various settings on a camera and how to take skillfully created photographs.  My level 2 students are taking what they already know and stretching their creativity to create meaningful art, as well as develop skills that would translate to a career in photography."



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    Alaska Airlines Aviation Day

    aviation day 2019

    Twenty-three SHSD students, parents, and teachers attended Alaska Airline's annual Aviation Day on May 4th.

    The participants were led by Pioneer Middle School music and leadership teacher Janessa Stout.

    The purpose of the day was to allow students access to careers in the aviation industry.  Students were able to tour, see, and touch planes and equipment and also talk with professionals in the field including pilots, mechanics, and law enforcement personnel.

    Ms. Stout reported that it was a good day and the district will look to expand participation next year.



    Technology in the Classroom

    Pioneer Student Production

    Tim Roelofsen, James Mahana, Marissa Ma and Aaron Wittenberg

    busy creating a video highlighting all of the camera skills they have learned

    in Mr. Beaulieu’s 7th/8th Grade Video Production class.

    Our goal is to get each of our students technology that they can use any time they need it.  

    Links to our video daily bulletin and our finished projects in Video Production class.

    Daily Bulletin Link… https://www.steilacoom.k12.wa.us/Page/2741

    Video Production Projects… https://www.youtube.com/user/dbeaulieu98388