The Steilacoom Historical School District volunteer team provides student and staff support in a variety of ways including: chaperoning dances and field trips, helping in classrooms, reading to students, assisting in the front office, the Watch D.O.G. S. program, PTA's and Booster Clubs and/or operating concessions at sports events. Students and staff  truly appreciate the gift of your time and effort to make Steilacoom Historical District a great place to learn and grow.  

    • Fill out the online application   On-Line Application Packets (one email per applicant)
    • Check your email for your approval letter or a request for photo ID
    • You will be contacted by email regarding volunteer opportunities or you can contact your child's teacher for classroom volunteering & chaperoning
    • Record your volunteer hours by signing in and out at the volunteer kiosk at each school. If you are helping after school, to record hours, create an account at https://www.helpcounterweb.com/ci/volunteer

    For questions or concerns, please contact Dana-Lynn Ballou at dballou@steilacoom.k12.wa.us
    Thank you!



  • Volunteer Honor Roll

    100 Volunteer hours 

    Joie Davis

    Catherine Ford

    Daniel Palmer

    50 Volunteer hours

    Ashey Waltrip

    Julia Bassham

    Holland Selleck

    Kathleen Garza

    Lindsey Downie

    Jessie Garza, Jr