• Language Arts

    Reading:   We believe reading is at the heart of all learning.
         Students have the freedom to select their own books and are encouraged to try new authors and genres. Thirty minutes of reading outside of class is required daily. We understand that family time is important and hope that a student's nightly reading might include shared reading with a parent, discussions at the dinner table, or oral reading and discussion. As part of our Reader's Workshop, students are expected to bring the book they are reading to class every day to participate in class group discussions, teacher conferences, and to continue reading in class. 

    Writing:  We know that writing is a process.
    Writing      Our Writer's Workshop also incorporates choice as students write explanatory, narrative, and argument multiparagraph essays throughout the year. Peer sharing and editing is central to student progress so having writing assignments ready to share on  due dates is essential. Strong writing skills are critical to student success, and students will have lots of opportunities to
    challenge themselves and grow as writers.