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    Just hover over the title of the assignment and click to listen to the assigned podcast.

  • Podcasting 103: Instagram

    by How I Built This with Guy Raz Length: 33:00

    Listen to this How I Built This with Guy Raz episode about Instagram.
    As you listen think about what makes this podcast different from the other two. HINT: What type of presentation structure or format is used to tell the story of Instagram?

    This podcast is kind of long. You don't need to listen to the entire thing unless you want to. Start at the 50 second mark and listen until you know what type of structure is being used. You might need to listen to two or three minutes.

    In the attached document, record your ideas about structure/format. If you aren't sure, make notes of what you heard like you did on the 102 activity.

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  • Podcasting 102 - Hidden Brain (Sleep)

    by Shankar Vedantam Length: 7:02

    Listen to this Hidden Brain podcast about sleep. As you do jot down all the sounds you hear and the people you hear speak. I'm not looking for sentences. I'm looking for a list.
    -Intro by woman
    -Shankar Vedantam (host)
    -Randy Gardner

    Do this for the entire podcast which is about 7 minutes long. Record your answers on the attached Doc.

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  • Podcasting 101 - So Chocolate Bar

    by Erika Lantz Length: 7:23

    Open up the introduction video I made for today's activity.

    Then open the Podcasting 101 Google Slides and complete the activity as demonstrated in the video.

    I've included the podcast "So Chocolate Bar" in case you experience technical difficulties with your slide show audio.

    Be ready to share your ideas when we meet in Zoom on Thursday.

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