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  • Kurt Bethman
    Mr. Kurt Bethman

    Room:    A111
    Subject: Gateway to Technology (GTT)
    Classes: GTTi, GTT1, GTT2, and Computer Technology
    Classes: GTT are Gateway to Technology Classes. GTT1 is Design and Modeling and GTT2 is Robotics. Computer Technology is Web and Graphic Design. GTTi is an introductory course for 6th graders that is one quarter long.
    Phone: 253-583-7200
    Best contact:  Email or Phone
    Class schedule
    Period 2: GTT1, Design and Modeling
    Period 3: GTT1, Computers (Web and Graphic Design)
    Period 4: GTT2, Robotics
    Period 5: GTT1, Design and Modeling
    Period 6: GTTi, Introduction to GTT1 and GTT2
    This is my 22th year of teaching in the Steilacoom School District.
    My first 11 years were spent at SHS; this is my 11th year at Pioneer.
    What a great school and fantastic students!

    I am a native of Washington, growing up in DesMoines. I attended DesMoines Elementary, Pacific Junior High, and Mt. Rainier High School, part of the Highline School District.

    I earned my Bachelors Degree at Central Washington University and my Master's Degree at City University.

    Teaching is my second career. My first career, of 18 years, was in Sporting Goods at Sturtevant's Sports .

    Class information

    • Students in good standing earn Friday 20 (Last 20 minutes of class for computer time). Good standing is a grade of "C" or better, no missing assignments, and no behavior reminders for the week