• Hello all! 


    I look forward each day to working with your students in 7th grade science! Before teaching I worked in a laboratory as a Microbiologist where I tested drinking water for the residents of Washington. Here at Pioneer Middle School, we utilize the Amplify curriculum, and it is our goal to develop critical thinking and scientific curiosity within your student. This year, we will study: 

    • Geology of Mars 

    • Plate Tectonics 

    • Rock Transformations 

    • Phase Changes 

    • Chemical Reactions 

    • Populations & Resources 

    • Matter & Energy in Ecosystems 

    We know your student's time at home is valuable between homework for other classes, sports, and family activites; that is why the 7th grade science team decided that we will try and limit homework unless a student requires more time for the lesson. All we ask is your student comes prepared for class and ready to participate! 

    If you ever need to contact with me with questions or concerns, please email me at nhauser@steilacoom.k12.wa.us. I will reply as soon as I am able! My Google Classroom codes are located under Helpful Resources. Go pirates! 


    Best regards,

    Mr. Hauser