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    Mr. Bruce D. Hayes
    Room:    Gym
    Subject:  Health/Fitness
    Phone:  253-583-7200
    Best contact:  E-mail
    Class schedule
    Period 1:  Sports Skills
    Period 2:  8th grade Health/Fitness
    Period 3:  8th grade Health/Fitness
    Period 4:  Plan
    Period 5:  8th grade Health/Fitness
    Period 6:  8th grade Health/Fitness

    I grew up in a military family which provided me the opportunity to live in many different places: Germany, North Carolina, Japan, California, and Virginia.  When I was in the 5th grade, my family was stationed in Washington State and later retired here.  I went to school at Pioneer Middle School.  I was fortunate to start my teaching career at Pioneer Middle School as well and have been teaching here since 1981.