Random Moment Time Study (RMTS)

  • WA HCAThe Public School District Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) program provides public schools with partial reimbursement for the time their staff spend performing administrative activities that support the State's Medicaid Plan.

    Examples of eligible administrative activities include:

    • Arranging and coordinating transportation or translation/interpretation for Medicaid covered services.
    • Assisting individuals in applying for or renewing Medicaid coverage.
    • Attending/presenting training tied to Medicaid covered services.
    • Developing, planning, or creating programs that increase access to Medicaid covered services.
    • Explaining and linking individuals and their families to Medicaid covered services. Referral to or assistance in accessing Medicaid covered services.

    The Health Care Authority (HCA) manages the MAC program in Washington State and is responsible for program oversight and monitoring.

    School district staff participate in a quarterly Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) to determine the amount of time they spend performing eligible administrative activities. The RMTS assigns "moments" to participants throughout the quarter. A moment is a four-question survey followed by a brief narrative description summarizing the activity performed on a given day at a specific one-minute interval of time.

    The University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) operates the web-based time study. UMMS is available to provide system-related technical assistance as needed.

    Trainings and Videos for District Staff Participants

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