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    Mrs. Nierman                     

    7th Grade Mathematics


    (253) 583-7200


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    Mrs. Nierman's schedule

    Period 1    7th grade Mathematics

    Period 2    7th grade Mathematics
    Period 3    7th grade Mathematics
    Period 4    Planning
    Period 5    7th grade Mathematics
    Period 6    7th grade Mathematics

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    I started teaching in 1997 after receiving my Masters in the Arts of Teaching from the University of Puget Sound.  I have been teaching at Pioneer Middle School since 2004. I have taught many subjects over the years but I enjoy teaching 7th grade Mathematics more than any other subject and/or grade level.   My husband and I live in West Seattle. 
    Information for Parents


    The best ways to contact me are through email tnierman@steilacoom.k12.wa.us or by calling Pioneer's phone number and asking to be put through to voicemail. 

    I will send home progress reports to the email listed on Skyward (the Pioneer Middle School grade program.)  Please alert me if your email changes or there is a different email address you would like to use for this communication.  If you would prefer to have a printed version sent home with your student please let me know and I will send a printed copy home with your student; I am also happy to mail progress reports home if you prefer.


    If you have concerns or questions about your student and/or their performance in Math class please feel free to contact me by email tnierman@steilacoom.k12.wa.us or by leaving me a phone message (253) 583-7200.





    Pioneer Middle School is using Standards Based Grading for this Mathematics course.


    I do not assign "homework." Assignments that are started in class may be finished outside of class if students need or want that time. This work should be brief unless your student decides they want to pursue the mathematical questions we are investigating more thoroughly. :) If a student chooses not to spend their time in class working on their assignments their time working out of class will be more extensive.

    Generally, students should spend no more than 15-20 minutes finishing her/his Math assignments each evening.  If your student worked on the assignment in the time given in class and has worked more than 20 minutes and he/she needs more time to finish the given assignment, please sign their paper and they will be given additional time to complete the work and to get additional help;  the assignment in question will have an extended due date.  Please let me know if family commitments or emergencies come up throughout the school year that cause your student to be unable to complete their assigned work, these things happen and I am happy to accommodate.


    Daily work that is complete by the assigned date will be stamped/checked off at the beginning of class the day it is due.  Assignments will be corrected in-class students are responsible for scoring their work and asking for help if they do not understand errors that they may have made.


    * Work that was completed on-time and has all corrections made will receive full credit. 

    Work that is turned in late must be complete and corrected to receive credit. 

    * Assignments will only be accepted for during the unit in which it is assigned. 


    Students who do not have their practice completed will call home to inform their parents/care-takers that they were unprepared for class and may not receive full credit for their work. 


    Khan Academy:

    Students are encouraged to create an account on Khan Academy.  I use this website as a resource throughout the school year.  I encourage you to visit the site to see what is available to students, parents, teachers and anyone else interested in furthering their education.


    Students should create an account, and sign up to have me as their coach. 

     My email:  tnierman@steilacoom.k12.wa.us 

    Please feel free to inquire further about how I use Khan Academy as a resource in my teaching. 


    Classroom expectations:

    1) Show kindness and respect for yourself and others.

    2) Follow the teacher’s reasonable requests the first time.

    3) Wait for individual work time to take care of your individual needs.

    4) No messing around.  Don’t touch other people or their belongings.

    5) Mind your own business, unless someone might get hurt.

    6) Come to class prepared
    7) Be honest.

    8) No extra comments during instruction. (It wastes everyone’s time.)

    9) When anyone is speaking to the class, students are paying attention.

             ~Paying attention and listening to understand

                 ~Thinking about genuine questions 
                 ~Trying to make connections to prior learning 
                ~Being prepared to "re-voice" what others have shared


    1st - https://classroom.relay.school/join-group/2sc9d74-tn

    2nd - https://classroom.relay.school/join-group/2sc9d74-tj

    3rd -  https://classroom.relay.school/join-group/2sc9d74-th

    5th - https://classroom.relay.school/join-group/2sc9d74-te

    6th - https://classroom.relay.school/join-group/2sc9d74-td