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    Steilacoom Historical School District's Student Services department is committed to providing support to families, staff, and students to ensure every student achieves meaningful and challenging learning outcomes. More information on Special Education, Childfind, and Section 504 services can be found at the links on the left. Student Services also oversees school counselors, found in each of our schools and the Home Hospital program.

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    Executive Director  Gudrun Sullivan
    Assistant Director of Special Education  Tabitha Ellison
    Student Services Department Specialist  Amber Trull

    511 Chambers Street

    Steilacoom, WA 98388
    Phone: (253) 983-2238
    Fax: (253) 582-9274 

    Updates on Special Education

    May 1, 2022

    It is fitting that our SEL characteristic for the month of May is perseverance, as this school year has continued to present unusual challenges. We are so proud of our students for staying the course, and so thankful for your ongoing partnership with us to ensure that all students succeed. 
    We teach students to persevere by helping them set and attain goals, learn from mistakes and keep going, and celebrate overcoming challenges. Your student's IEP team can incorporate these skills into social and behavioral goals as appropriate, and include them as supports. Additionally, these skills are supported in all general education environments through embedded SEL practices. 
    Thank you for all you do to help your students persevere and achieve! 
    Gudrun Sullivan
    Executive Director of Student Services 
    Steilacoom Historical School District No. 1
    (253) 983-2238