New Transportation Services for 2018-2019 School Year

  • Steilacoom Historical School District is pleased to announce a change next school year in our student transportation services.  The school district signed a five year contract with Durham School Services.  We look forward to working with Durham School Services and the changes they will be providing to our families and school district.

    The following link is an introduction letter from Durham.  The letter provides some information about Durham, their state-of-the-art buses and technology that will be available to families.

    Over the next several months, Durham will be analyzing the district’s bus routes and bus stops to determine the safest and most efficient routes to ensure your student arrives to school and back home safely. 

    As we work with Durham through the transition, we will continue to communicate updates with you.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jim Brittain at (253) 983-2209 or .

    My student is registered but I have not received their transportation information or assignment.
    • Please contact the transportation department at or 253-588-6328.
    • Forms are available here.  All permanent changes will take effect on the subsequent Wednesday.
    • Requires a written note from you to the building secretary. The building secretary will issue a yellow bus pass to the student for the change for that day.

    What if my student tries to get on a bus, in the morning, they are not assigned to?

    • Student will be allowed on the bus and driven to school & student name will be submitted to the principal. Principal will handle situation directly with the student and parent.

    What if my student tries to get on a bus, in the afternoon, which they are not assigned to?

    • Student will be directed back to the school office. If a temporary request has not been made, the student will be placed on their assigned bus or the family will be responsible for transporting the student that afternoon.
    What if my student does not ride any bus for two weeks?
    • Any student, assigned to a bus route, who does not ride that route for two weeks, is subject to having their assignment removed.  If your student will temporarily not be riding the bus for a period of one week or longer, please notify the bus driver or the transportation department at 253-588-6328.