• John Nystrom
     John Nystrom
    Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
    Pioneer Pact
    Be Responsible
    Be Respectful
    Be Safe
    Be an Active Learner

    Keep those Fingers Crossed!
    • As our numbers of Covid cases continue to decrease we are planning to return to school for 2021-2022.
    • Somethings to look forward to - Fall Sports are scheduled! Look for registration to open up soon, we will send a Parent Square message out if all goes well. Football (grades 7 & 8) and Fastpitch (all grades) will both be open. Both sports will have limited spaces so keep an eye open for registration and possible try-outs - first day is our first school day. Get those physicals in!!!! 
    • Attestation may go away! We may be finished taking daily attestations! Keep your eyes and ears peeled! 
    • Lunches will look different with 3 foot distancing. We may only have limited offerings, much like our current lunches. So be ready to pack those lunches come September if you do not like what the school has to offer. 
    • Classrooms will most likely be at 3 foot distancing as well. As of now we will still need to wear masks. Baby steps right!!!
    • It seems that we may get new Chromebooks for our students next year at Pioneer. Remember to turn in your old chromebooks so you can get a new one in 21-22!

    Keep those fingers crossed, if you need any information on any of this please do not hesitate to email me!!!!


    Remember if you see something say something!!!

    • If you or someone else is being cyberbullied please let us know. While we are not in session and an in-school consequence most likely will not occur we can still reach out to the parties to intervene. 
    • We still monitor our Safe Schools site. If you would like to report something this link provides help. 
    • Dont forget to change your passwords frequently and often. There are a ton of hackers out their wanting to be you! DO NOT let it be easy for them to take your identity! More information can be found on the Tech page. 

    Some information for parents and students about Technology and disciplinary actions:
               *  Facebook has an age minimum (13). Any abuse will be reported.
               *  We take cyberbullying very seriously (whether it is a cell phone text, email, or other form of electronic bullying), it is a state law
      . Any cyberbullying maybe reported to the state and or police.  
        As a nation, we are dealing with more and more cyberbullying. It is our hope and goal that our school community has no bullying what-so-ever. However, we are limited to what happens outside of Pioneer Middle School. Please email me or Ms. Fernandes with any possible bullying and we will discuss the appropriate steps to stop it. If we (the Pioneer Administration) do not know what is happening then we can not address it in a timely, effective manner. For more advice on technology and bullying or just some guidelines to give your kids, I recommend a website called
    Common Sense
      (to visit just click on the link, it is a free resource).

        If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to
    email me
      or call me. Please check our calendar on our school website for any upcoming events.
    John Nystrom
    (Assistant Principal/Athletic Director)