• Idea Board Appetizer Social

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 8/31/2021

    Idea Board

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  • Appetizer Social Aug 31

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 8/26/2021


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  • 2020-21 EOY Letter

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 6/25/2021

    EOY Letter

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  • Thank you!

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 2/9/2021

    Dear All,

    I want to take a minute to thank all of our parents and community members that have supported island families with distance learning.  From Chrome book covers to mental health checks, I've seen this exceptional community come together for our kids.  This is why I live here.  

    Anderson Island Elementary is back to in-person learning with a modified schedule, and it makes my heart happy that we can be together.  The district plans to get all students back to in-person learning as quickly as safely possible.  Booster Club is helping to meet the requirements of in-person education.  School supplies and play equipment have to be kept separate, so more needed to be used & purchased, gloves have been distributed to keep hands warm,  art supplies, and books to support classrooms.  We renewed our Fitness Club Mileage program, and kids are enjoying the morning fitness time.

    In the next few months, we hope to provide students with some virtual field trips, additional supplies and to keep celebrating each new step towards better education and support for our students and families.  

    What we need from you are ideas.  What can we do to make this better for your student?

    I appreciate you,

    Dana-Lynn Ballou

    Booster Club Secretary



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  • We Care Project Update 11.12.2020

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 11/12/2020

    Click this link for PDF version Update 11.12.2020

     Anderson Island Booster Club

    We Care Project Update 11/12/2020

     In August 2020, the We Care Project idea began by thinking of ways to support Steilacoom Historical School District students and their families living on Anderson Island.  Mental health projections were (are) at crisis levels, and suicides have impacted this community profoundly in the past few years.  Our goal is to support the mental and emotional health of our families during distance learning.    A copy of our budget, 501c3 certificate, and receipts (below the budget), are available here https://www.steilacoom.k12.wa.us/Domain/415

    With this goal in mind, Anderson Island Booster Club hosts monthly give-a-ways for students and their families, including; school supplies, snacks, cooking kits, art kits, science kits, books, fidgets, Chromebook covers, etc. See receipts at our website for more information.    These monthly events cost around $400.  Private donors cover some of the costs in the form of supplies. 

    Ongoing sharing of support resources including; numbers for suicide prevention, food bank, student tutors, and more through  ParentSquare, Facebook, email, and fliers are completed bi-weekly or more as needed.

    In November, the Tranquility Retreat Cabin opened to support parents needing a break.  The cabin has spa items, a coffee maker, art, and journaling resources.  Also, this month Active Listeners are available for parent support.  Six community members were trained to be active listeners and provide resource contacts for parents in need.   

    We would appreciate your support to ease this time for families and our community.  Ways you can help

    1. Purchase items off the Amazon wish list here: We Care Wish List
    2. Donations to Booster Club
    3. Write notes of encouragement to families that we will mail on your behalf.
    4. Your ideas of events and supplies that will support our families and community.

     Thank you for your support,

    Dana-Lynn Ballou,

    Anderson Island Booster Club Secretary


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  • September 2020 Meeting

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 9/17/2020

    Meeting Minutes 09/10/2020

     Good News-American Legion Donation $500 to WE CARE project to provide chromebook covers, learning aids to k3 students

     Treasurer Report-

    September 2020 Treasurer Report

    626.05 Amazon school supplies for students
    56.50 reimbursement for Abby classroom supplies

    500.00 American Legion
    42.94 Amazon Smiles
    25.00 Donation

    Petty cash 25.00
    Total opening Balance 2020/2022 school year


     Bylaw change approved and uploaded to website

    Budget approval approved and uploaded to website

     Membership renewing member notice will be sent soon

     We Care project-items for distribution at the end of the meeting

    Eileen Hadden will have a solitude station for parents and facilitate active listening training

     Soccer-Dana Stirn is willing to provide soccer classes with social distancing-sent flier shared on Facebook

     PE Class Eileen shared there is a community member willing to provide PE classes






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  • Meeting Minutes 1/28/2020

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 2/17/2020

    Attendance: Dana Ballou, Kaylee Strausbaugh, Tiffany Tarter

    Good News-100th Day of School-Shoes purchased for distribution Feb 6

    Treasurer Report No Deposits


    67.66 Jiffy Shirt (winter program)

    36.68 Amazon (winter program)

    59.79 Amazon (winter program)-new lights for stage

    75.00 Metroprks (Ft. Nisqually Fieldtrip)

    Total 239.13 Checking 5293.59

    Membership No Change Calendar

    Feb 6-100th Day of School American Legion gift of new shoes

    Feb 14 Friendship Craft Party 2-3 pm Craft ideas Volunteers needed-set up, clean up & craft stations

    March 2-Read Across America If you Give A….Laura Numerof Theme Volunteers needed for Setup, breakfast helpers, reading,

    Fundraising Boon Jan 28-Feb 28 https://www.boonsupply.com/collections/608315-ai-booster-club Adjourne

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  • 10/14/2019 Meeting Minutes

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 9/19/2019

    Attendance:  April, Brigid, Kathleen, Kaylee, Kim, Dana

    Good News:  Wonderful snack and library donations, everyone is excited about fieldtrips,

    Treasurers Report- Sept/Oct 2019 treasurer report 

     158.52 Lakeshore learning-Teacher-Baby dolls for preschool

    172.42 Lakeshore learning –Teacher-Light Table and sensory items

    62.32 Amazon –Teacher-Farm hoppers

    12.95 Amazon –Teacher-privacy corrals

    29.12 Amazon-Teacher-Farm hoppers

    79.86 Winco Open House 

    126.34 Big John Trophies Open House

     Total 641.55

    Checking 5168.82 


    Membership- Dana to have update for next meeting

    Budget- attached

    Old Business

    Need President & vice-No offers

    Rainboots-to be provided by American Legion for outdoor classroom-in process Dana to check with Joan Altumus

    Flagpole & Native Garden-In process, Booster Club purchased dedication plaque


    Pallet gardens-in process


    New Business

    Volunteer Opportunities-

    Request Help for preschool

    Request Help for k1-fluency reading

    Request help for craft ideas for fall party-Kathleen’s Emily may be willing to precut craft items if needed


    Snacks and Snack Panty- Kathleen Heedy

    Idea to purchase snack pantry for teachers to provide snacks and supplemental food

    Idea to donate items that are close to expiring to food pantry

    Idea to have outdoor food pantry for those in need

    • People can contact Dana for access to clothes pantry


    Playground equipment

    Need to start seeing about funding to get new playground equipment

    Check with Susan to see where to start-Risk Management preferred vendors?


     Calendar-Fall Craft Party 10/31/2019 2-3 p.m.

    Need craft ideas and volunteers for set-up, clean-up


    Fundraising- Boon bags -online

    Barnes and Noble library fundraiser-online and inperson at Lakewood B & N Dana to share details asap

    Idea Wrapping table at craft fair-See about reusable wrapping with pillow cases.  Contact chair about having a table.

     Idea-Garden fundraiser-heirloom seeds, garden equipment. 


    Adjournment 3:43

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  • Minutes 9/19/2019 Meeting

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 9/19/2019

    Booster Club Meeting Minutes                                9/18/2019


    Attendance:  Teri Burg, Dana Ballou, Kristin Gould, Abby Cunningham, April Holmquist

    Good News:  Fitness Club-showed QR codes and toe tokens

    Students will be harvesting their garden tomorrow and taking a squash home then they will plant a winter crop.

    Students enjoyed going to the Johnson farm and we were invited back for a spring fieldtrip that will feature toys and games of the 1800’s and also looking for a garden lessons.

    Treasurers Report- June-Sept 2019 Booster Treasurer Report 

    W/D These items were subtracted from previous balance-Expenses from last year

    279.59 (check 1120) End of year Celebration-

    164.52 Amazon (June) –Teacher Standing Desk Approved last year

    63.30 Michaels end of year-tshirts and dye kits for tie dying


    311.00 Annually liability Insurance 

    52.14 Amazon science storage material

    249.75 Broadway Center 

    195.80 Costco back to school BBQ 

    115.55 (check 1122) garden supplies science fund 

    32.55 (check 1123) pre school class science fund 

    17.29 checks ordered 2 boxes 

     Total 1446.91



    1000.00 Bingo

    32.88 Amazon smiles 

    118.00 memberships 


    Checking 5787.71

    Petty cash 60.00


    Membership- Online membership is being researched. Renewal notices will be sent after next meeting. Discussed not paying charges and interest online.  

    Budget- Vote-Approved see attached budget


    New Business

    Open House Dinner Planning-Hot Dog dinner again, fruit, veg, chips, cookies, hotdogs, buns

     Old Business

    Need President & vice-stay as is for now

     Event List-Shared with AI Assistant App-please check app to see if our events are one there J

     Rainboots-to be provided by American Legion for outdoor classroom-in process

    • Marked with size
    • Stay at school-not to go home

     Flagpole & Native Garden

    • new flagpole is purchased by American Legion is installed
    • Dedication at 6 p.m. at Open House 9/25/2019
    • Looking for historical plants that are low maintenance and full sunlight

     Pallet gardens-in process

    • Pallet gardens to be constructed soon
    • Garden volunteer needed to water plants


     Calendar-Next meeting __Monday, Oct 14@ 3:10

    Fundraising- Bingo Raised $1000

    Adjournment 3:42



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  • Minutes 8.19.19 Meeting

    Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 8/19/2019 4:00:00 PM

    Booster Club Meeting Minutes 8/19/19

    Attendance:  Tiffany Tarter,  Kim Tate, Susan Greer, April Holmquist, Bridgid Nelson, Janet Friedlos

    Good News:  Staff excited about school start, Booster will be supporting stuff the bus in the island parade, American Legion Auxiliary will be volunteering at the school one day per month or more.

    Treasurers Report- Opening Balance $6871.37

     Membership- Online membership is being researched.  Renewal notices will be sent after next meeting. 

    Budget- 1st Draft-vote next meeting-attached


    Need President & vice

    • Discussion on title making people leery of volunteering-sounds like too much responsibility
      • Only one meeting a month
      • Perhaps co-leaders or other designation would feel more welcoming
      • Tabled until next meeting

     BBQ Planning

    • Dana to pick up supplies Tuesday
      • Hotdogs chips cookies drinks veggies ranch plates napkins etc.
    • Tiffany and April will come at 3:30 to prep veggies
    • Need more advertising-Dana Facebook Tiffany reader board April Community Club Reader board
    • Town of Steilacoom will have information about weekend backpack program

     Event List-Attached-will be shared with Anderson Island Assistant App

     Rainboots-to be provided by American Legion for outdoor classroom

    • Marked with size
    • Stay at school-not to go home

     Flagpole new flagpole is purchased by American Legion and will be installed soon

    • New flags too
    • Need tie off cleat to by kid level

    Pallet gardens-

    • Pallet gardens to be constructed soon

    Garden volunteer needed to water plants      

     Calendar-Next meeting Thursday, September 19, 3:15 p.m.

    Fundraising-Bingo Date?


    DRAFT I  Booster Club Budget 2019-20





    Opening Balance


     $         -  

     $            -  


     $      311.00

     $         -  

     $        311.00

    Non Profit Status

     $       10.00

     $         -  

     $         10.00


     $    900.00

     $         -  

     $      900.00

    Back to School BBQ

     $     150.00

     $         -  

     $       150.00

    School Board Mtg

     $      50.00

     $         -  

     $        50.00

    Fall Party

     $     100.00

     $         -  

     $       100.00

    Fundraiser supplies

     $     150.00

     $         -  

     $       150.00


     $     100.00

     $         -  

     $       100.00

    Staff Appreciation

     $     100.00

     $         -  

     $       100.00

    Field day

     $     100.00

     $         -  

     $       100.00

    Field trips  Pumpkin

     $    300.00

     $         -  

     $      300.00

    Field trips Spring

     $    600.00

     $         -  

     $      600.00


     $      25.00

     $         -  

     $        25.00

    Promoting Students Activity

     $    200.00

     $         -  

     $      200.00

    It Takes an Island

     $     100.00

     $         -  

     $       100.00

    Winter Program

     $     100.00

     $         -  

     $       100.00


     $          -  

     $         -  

     $            -  

    Total budget


     $       -  

     $            3,196.00



     $       -  










    Donations (It Takes an Island)

     $    200.00

     $         -  

     $      200.00


     $    200.00

     $         -  

     $      200.00

    T-shirt Fundraiser

     $    200.00

     $         -  

     $      200.00

    Fun Run

     $    200.00

     $         -  

     $      200.00

    Movie Night

     $      50.00

     $         -  

     $        50.00

    Boxtops for Education

     $     100.00

     $         -  

     $       100.00

    Amazon Smiles

     $     100.00

     $         -  

     $       100.00

    BINGO night

     $    500.00

     $         -  

     $      500.00



     $         -  

     $            -  


     $   1,550.00

     $         -  

     $     1,550.00

    2019-20 Open Budget goal



     $            -  


     $                         -  

     Booster Club Events

    • Back to School BBQ-August 23
      •       Staff attendance optional
      •     Booster Club event usually with free BBQ meal
    • Open House & School Board Meeting September 25
      •       Open House-all areas available for self-guided parent tour
      •     Sometimes teachers mark out certain times to do a parent talk regarding classroom policies & procedures/
      •       Date determined by school board schedule
      •     School Board public meeting
    •       ASB spirit week
      •       Dates and days determined by students and advisor
    •       Fall craft Party
      •       Thursday, October 31, 1-2 p.m.
      •     Booster Club supplies financial help for materials and activities
      •       Duties: collecting craft ideas, accumulating supplies & making sample, notifying cleared volunteers, set up and clean up
    •       Veteran’s Day Tea
      •      Wednesday, November 6, 2-3 p.m.
      •     Invite veterans
      •       Decorations
      •     Presentation by veterans or students
    •       Winter Program
      •       Date determined by teachers
      •     Teachers determine program, play poems or others
      •       Volunteers are requested for sets, costumes, etc
    •       Martin Luther King Assembly/Class Activity
      •     Friday,  January 17, 2019
      •     Teacher determined project/assembly in accordance with district policy
    •       Valentine/Friendship Craft Party
      •     Friday, February 14,  2-3
      •     Booster Club supplies financial help for materials
      •       Duties: collecting craft ideas, accumulating supplies & making sample, notifying cleared volunteers, set up and clean up
    •       Read Across America
      •       Friday, April 3
      •     Activities planned by staff
    •   Booster Club’s Around the Lake Fun Run
      •       Saturday, May 9, 9 a.m.
      •     Co-sponsored by AI Fire & Rescue and the Island Café
      •       Collect volunteers, supplies, prizes, registrations, mark course, record results
    •   Field Day
      •       Last day of school
      •     Events and activities determined by staff coordinator
      •       All staff needed to help with events
    •   Booster Club’s End of Year Program
      •       Friday, June 5, 5 p.m.
      •     Promotion
      •     Ice Cream Social


    Other events not yet on calendar

    •         Monthly Booster Club meetings
    •         Monthly Booster Club family nights
    •         Teacher determined events and activities
    •         Staff meetings


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