• Report an Injury
    To All Steilacoom Employees:

    If you have had an on the job injury, please do the following:
    Employee's Responsibility:  
    1. Report the incident to your supervisor and get medical attention if needed.  Be sure to provide a detailed description of what happened.  In the event of a life threatening injury, call 911.
    2. Go online to http://www.pswct.org/school-district-employee/reporting-an-incident/   to report the incident.  Completing this online form will generate an Accident/Incident Report that will be sent to your supervisor to complete.
    3. If you indicated that you have sought, or intend to seek, medical care on this form, a claim for workers' compensation benefits will be established for you.  You can expect to hear from PSWCT staff within 3 business days.
    Supervisors' Responsibility:
    1. Meet with employee, to determine the cause and take action to mitigate the hazard.
    2. Once received from HR, sign the Accident/Incident report within 48 hours of receipt and return to Human Resources/Risk Department


    Questions? contact Patty Zech in our Human Resources Department at 253-983-2204