Greetings from Mrs. (Cargill) Cruz 
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     Mrs. Rebekah (Cargill) Cruz
                                                Rm. C 209
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    Cargill Cruz TAM Math Class Codes  Semester 2 (2021)

    Period 2 Grade 7  6mbhyiz

    Period 3 Grade 6  2x5ssax

    Period 4 Grade 8  nngvq2l

    Period 5 Grade 7  2zsfhji

    Period 6 Grade 6 chdc35g

    Class Schedule
    Period 1:  Teacher Instructional Plan Time
    Period 2:  Grade 7 Math
    Period 3:  Grade 6 Math
    Period 4:  Grade 8 Math
    Period 5:  Grade 7 Math
    Period 6:  Grade 6 Math
    I am Rebekah (Cargill) Cruz.  I have been a teacher since 2001 and love my career as an educator.  My first teaching assignment was as a fourth grade teacher, followed by nine years as a 7th grade math and science teacher in University Place School District.  I am delighted to be a math teacher in Steilacoom School District, today. I grew up in a military family in the Midwest, traveled as a military wife, taught ballet, worked as a fitness trainer, and raised my four children before starting a teaching career.  My undergraduate degree is from the University of Washington. I achieved my WA Teaching Certificate from St. Martin's University and a Masters of Science in Middle School Math from Walden University.  I am dedicated to inspiring life long learners at Pioneer!
    TAM (Targeted Assistance in Math)  is a Title 1 support and intervention class, designed to help students acquire systematic methods for success in math.  Additionally, students gain confidence as mathematicians and learn to apply growth mindset strategies for future academic success.  My goal is to assess the academic needs of each student in order to support their core math class and future math experiences.  Although TAM refers to Targeted Assistance in Math, I prefer to think of TAM as Transformation and Achievement as Mathematicians.  Committed to our students' growth, I want every member of our learning community to be confident, curious, capable, and competent mathematicians.