• WELCOME to Mrs. Cargill Cruz's 4th Grade Class 

    A Few Notes about Our Class

    Welcome Students, Parents, and Guardians, 

    I look forward to meeting each of you as we start our 4th grade journey together.  Here are just a few of the guides of our classroom community. 

     In our class, we will respect the uniqueness of each other and we will honor the learning environment.  Every person deserves an opportunity to love learning.


    We will:

    Be Kind, Polite, Patient, and Respectful

    Be Prepared with School Materials and a Ready-to-Learn Mindset

    Be Active Learners

    Be Supportive as We Make Mistakes and Learn Together


    1.                   Neural Education and My Dedication to Diverse Learners

    People learn in differing ways.  When children understand their own unique learning styles and how to regulate their emotions, they are better able to have a positive, growth mindset.  Students will make connections within and across academic content areas in Math, Science, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies.  We will understand the value of analyzing mistakes, collaborating with others, and the process of learning.  A motto posted in our class is, “ Mistakes are Expected, Inspected, and Respected.”  When we switch our paradigm and realize that mistakes are opportunities for personal growth, many fears about learning disappear.  Research shows that young learners need frequent opportunities to have brain re-sets so they can maintain motivation and persevere through challenges.  We will incorporate stress reducing activities including mindfulness breathing, exercise/movement, visualization, etc. into our daily routines.  My goal is to support your students as they discover their own academic autonomy and intrinsic motivation.  The joy of learning happens when we have confidence in our capabilities and can access an array of possibilities.  I am very excited for this year!

    III.  Parent Square Communication

    The best way to communicate with me is through Parent Square or by email.  We are partners in  your child’s education so please contact me as needed. rcargill@steilacoom.k12.wa.us