Mrs. Bonnie Landes, Kindergarten
    Room: 16                  
    Phone: (253) 583-7126
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    Here are a few tidbits about me, Bonnie Landes:
    I am a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, and Aunt.
    I was raised as a United States Air Force brat.
    I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Western Governor's University with my Master's of Arts Degree in Education, K-6 Mathematics.
    I get to work as a Classroom Teacher.
    I help as a Youth Group Leader.
    I love people. All kinds of people. Little people and big people. Old people and new people. Even teen-age people.
    And I love critters. Puppies. Kittens. Ladybugs. Butterflies. Milk cows. Deer that are not eating my flowers. 
    I love living in DuPont. I love playing outside with my family and friends.
    I love See's chocolate and lattes, homemade pizza, John Wayne movies, adventuring around the world. 
    But most of all, I love all of the amazing moments that happen in my classroom each year. The good stuff and the interesting stuff and the stuff that makes you laugh until you cry.