A phone call or Parent Square Attendance Note from the parent or guardian on the day your student is absent is required.   If you are reporting my phone, please call the school attendance office at 253-583-7205 and provide your student’s name and the reason for their absence or tardiness.

    Definition of Absence:

     Absence from in-person learning

     WAC 392-401-015A states the definition of an absence: 

    1. A student is absent when they are: 

    a. Not physically present on school grounds; and 

    b. Not participating in the following activities at an approved location:
         i. Instruction; 

         ii. Any instruction-related activity; or 

         iii. Any other district or school approved activity that is regulated by an instructional/academic accountability system,      such as participation in district-sponsored sports.  


    Definition of absence from remote learning 

    (1) A student is absent from remote learning when the student is not participating in planned instructional activities on a scheduled remote learning day. (2) Evidence of student participation in remote learning may include, but is not limited to: (a) Daily logins to learning management systems; (b) Daily interactions with the teacher to acknowledge attendance (including messages, emails, phone calls or video chats); or (c) Evidence of participation in a task or assignment.

    For more informations please see Policy 3122 for a more detailed description of our
    Attendance policy.