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    Mrs. Joy Yoder
    Room B209


    The best way to contact me is through ParentSquare, or call Pioneer Middle School at 253-583-7200.
    Class Schedule
    Period 1 (AM-Cohort A): Digitool                      (Google Classroom code: ntbaowk)
    Period 2 (AM-Cohort A): Digitools                     (Google Classroom code: dvubjob)
    Period 3 (AM-Cohort A): Digitools                     (Google Classroom code: oqtdcps)
    Period 4 (AM-Cohort A): Digitools (Promise)      (Google Classroom code: 5b5onod)
    Period 5 (AM-Cohort A): Digitools                     (Google Classroom code: behaujy)
    Period 5 (AM-Cohort A): Tech 6                        (Google Classroom code: nqhlspx)
    Period 1 (PM-Cohort B): Digitools                     (Google Classroom code: acws2ue)
    Period 2 (PM-Cohort B): Digitools                     (Google Classroom code: lxdvls7)
    Period 3 (PM-Cohort B): Digitools                     (Google Classroom code: 4vdljz6)
    Period 4 (PM-Cohort B): Digitools                     (Google Classroom code: ytibtxj)
    Period 5 (PM-Cohort B): Digitools                     (Google Classroom code: exzteso)
    Period 6 (PM-Cohort B): Tech 6 (Promise)         (Google Classroom code: hkgegrn)
    Remote Learning

    Hi! I'm Mrs. Yoder, and I've been teaching at Pioneer Middle School for the past 5 years. I especially enjoy working with middle schoolers, watching them grow into their own unique selves. My students and I will forge through these historic times and learn so much together!

    All Zoom class meetings and assignments can be accessed through Google Classroom. However, grades are only recorded in Skyward and not in Google Classroom. If you need assistance accessing your Skyward account, please contact Mrs. Anderson at 253-583-7205.

    Students wishing to log into Office365 from home need to click the WebPortal Link ↞ Office365 Portal