• Fibonacci Sequence
    Mr. Fohrman

    Room: 109B
    Subject: Math / Special Education
    Phone: 253-583-7217
    Best contact: The best way to reach me will be through email, phone or Parentsquare.
    Class schedule
    Period 1 AM Math
    Google Classroom - bpjxcuk
    Monday & Thursday - 8:05am - 8:51am
    Period 1 PM Math
    Google Classroom - nmxyao2 
    Monday & Thursday 12:17pm - 1:02pm
    Period 2 AM Math
    Google Classroom - zq2nsgb
    Monday & Thursday 8:56am - 9:41am
    Period 2 PM Promise Program 
    Google Classroom - rxtxrh6
    Monday & Thursday 1:08pm - 1:53pm
    Period 3 AM Math
    Google Classroom - m4frshr 
    Monday & Thursday 9:47am - 10:30am
    Period 3 PM Math
    Google Classroom - 6ntorc5
    Monday & Thursday 1:59pm - 2:43pm
    Period 4 AM Math
    Google Classroom - z3yela4
    Tuesday & Friday 8:05am - 8:51am
    Period 4 PM Math
    Google Classroom - gll76sp
    Tuesday & Friday 12:17pm - 1:02pm
    Period 5 AM Math
    Google Classroom - 4evfmdf
    Tuesday & Friday - 8:59am - 9:41am
    Period 5 PM Math
    Google Classroom - 533acty
    Tuesday & Friday - 1:08pm - 1:53pm
    Homework Help 
    Wednesdays - 8:20am - 10:45am
    Mr. Fohrman - 5lgfghi
    Ms. Schmelz - fj2aofr

    I have been working in education for 27 years and have been a special education teacher for 23 years. This is my 5th year teaching math at Pioneer Middle School. Pioneer is an incredible school for students and a great place to work. We have a very dedicated staff who care deeply for our students. I look forward to another year of working with parents and staff in helping our students achieve their goals for living a happy and successful life.