Turks and Caicos
    Mr. Blanchard
    Room:  B-202 
    Subject:  7th Grade Social Studies
    Phone: 253.583.7245
    Best contact:  Parent Square/e-mail
    Class schedule/Google Classroom Code
    Period 1 AM:  7th Grade Washington State History/iiuozrc
    Period 1 PM:  7th Grade Washington State History/cz3vjim
    Period 2 AM:  7th Grade Washington State History/jj36sdx
    Period 2 PM:  7th Grade Washington State History/3hg473p
    Period 3 AM:  7th Grade Washington State History/55s7mfa
    Period 3 PM:  7th Grade Washington State History/lvwtppi
    Period 4 AM:  7th Grade Washington State History/mczwrzk
    Period 4 PM:  7th Grade Washington State History/i2rxyfy
    Period 5 AM:  8th Grade U.S. History/qamn2uj
    Period 5 PM:  8th Grade U.S. History/y4uxjwu
    Period 6 AM:  7th Grade Washington State History-Promise Program/cglnpcl
    Period 6 PM:  7th Grade Washington State History-Promise Program/prw4wig
    This is my 5th year at Pioneer, and I'm still excited to be a Pirate! This year I'm teaching 7th grade social studies. I'm also an assistant basketball coach. Previously, I taught social studies at Elma High School for 10 years. Along with this, I've coached football, wrestling, volleyball, and track at the high school and middle school levels. I earned a Bachelor's in Education and History at Northern Arizona University in 2003. Also, I obtained a Master's in Educational Leadership from City University in 2012. 
    I enjoy spending time with my wife, our 1 year old daughter, and our two cats. Traveling is definitely a passion of mine, and I have spent many summer vacation months traveling to around 60 countries (except for this past summer). I can't wait to see many more! Aside from traveling and family, I spend my time hiking, reading, watching football (GO HAWKS!), and exploring all the things Washington has to offer.