• Dorsch

    Sarah Dorsch

    Spanish 2 and AP/Spanish 4




    This is my third year at Steilacoom and my 22nd year teaching. I teach all different levels, but am delighted to take on the AP course this year.  It gives me energy to see how far students have come, especially since I've taught many of them before. My primary goals are to lower inhibitions in students so they feel comfortable stumbling through language to communicate, rather than to perfect (perfection comes later!), and to foster excellent work habits and life skills that will help them achieve their goals, whether those goals include Spanish or not.  

    I share EVERYTHING we do in class via Google Classroom and Google Drive with the students. Class presentation slideshows are linked to a TON of resources, and each class date is linked within the slideshows. Students can find anything via the different portals and not be dependent upon one specific method they may not like.  

    Paper copies are now available for text-based activities on the district website and linked on Google Drive during this quarantine process.  

    Feel free to contact me any time at sdorsch@steilacoom.k12.wa.us and STAY HEALTHY.