• Michael Heinlen



    I check email frequently but my planning period for 2020-2021 is 2nd period 

    I will make frequent use of studyspanish.com, quizlet and conjuguemos

    the teacher code for studyspanish is auuzcb55

    the teacher code for conjuguemos is zepymj

    The best way to contact me is via email

    Assignments will displayed on google classroom



    CLASS SCHEDULE  2020-2021

    Zero Hour Spanish 1 Zero hour code

     Period 1  Spanish 1 period 1 code

    Period 2 Planning

    Period 3 Spanish Expo (grade 6) period 3 code

    Period 4 Spanish 1  Period 4 code

    Period Spanish Expo (grade 6) Period 5 code

     Period 6 Spanish 1 Period 6 code


    Hello, I am excited to start my 4th year at Pioneer Middle School. This is my 28th year in public education. I earned a Bachelor's degree from Eastern Washington University, majoring in Spanish in Education. I followed that with a Master's degree in Administration, curriculum and Instruction from Gonzaga University.