Skyward Family Access Login - How To

  • Skyward Family Access is an easy and useful online tool that allows parents and guardians to monitor their child's grades, attendance, academic history, and more!  With the Family Access web portal, you can review your child’s progress with just a “point and click” from your home or office.  Your Family Access password and user name will work for all children currently enrolled in the District who live in your household, regardless of grade level or school.

    With Family Access, you can view:

    • bus route & stop information
    • food service info
      (benefits, purchases, etc.)
    • grades & missing assignments


    • class schedules
    • attendance & discipline history
    • health & immunization information
    • emergency contact information

    skyward login screen
    Logging Into Family Access
    Download a printable flyer

    • Go to our district Skyward Family Access Login page
      • Enter your Login ID
        • Using YOUR parent/ guardian name (not your child's name), type
          • the first 5 letters of YOUR last name ...
          • followed by the first 3 letters of YOUR first name ...
          • followed by 3 zeros (ØØØ)
        • Using the name JOHN PARENT as an example
          • login ID = parenjohØØØ
      • Enter your password
        • for first-time users, your temporary password will be the word school
        • you will be prompted to personalize your password after your first log-in

    Q. I only have four (or three, or two) letters in my last name -- now what?
    A. Skyward automatically removes extra spaces when new Family IDs are created.  For example, BO DUKE's Login ID = dukeboØØØ.

    Q. I'm using the first five letters of my last name, and the first three letters of my first name, but I cannot login!
    A. With common letter combinations, you may not be the first to have that particular Login ID in our district.  Try using a ØØ1 or ØØ2 following the letters.  If that still is not working, please call your child's school office or the District Office for assistance.

    Q. I know I've logged in to Family Access before, but I don't remember my Login ID and/or password?
    A. Click on the Forgot your Login/Password? link on this page or on the Skyward login page and follow the prompts.  An email will be sent to your email address currently in Skyward.

    Q. Where do I find my child's Other ID for the Durham Bus Tracker app, etc.?
    A. In Family Access, click on the Student Info link on the left to view your child's Other ID.
         other ID

    The Skyward Student Information System is connected to SchoolMessenger, our parent notification system. SchoolMessenger is an automated system used to communicate important messages via telephone and/or email.  These messages can be from the District Office or your child’s school, and can include information about school closures due to adverse weather, attendance information, and school news.