• Steps to take for online fundraising
    Begin this process 4 weeks prior to start date of fundraiser.

    • Complete a fundraising activity form and GF/ASB preapproval form in the amount of $50 for Intouch set-up fee. Use a separate preapproval form for items to be purchased for fundraiser. Required signatures and proper account code need to be included on forms for processing. Fundraiser form will be sent to Eva at District for approval. Please allow 3 days for processing.

    • Compile information for fundraiser and send to Eva
      1. Fundraiser Name
      2. Fundraiser Start/End Dates
      3. Logos and Create Select Items for Sale/Donation

    • Once fundraiser is approved, bookkeeper/office coordinator will create PO for $50 set-up fee.

    • Intouch creates your fundraising page within 3 days of your request.
              Intouch will create your fundraising page and email your unique URL so you can promote your fundraiser through email, flyers, and websites, and begin collecting donations.

    Note: If using photos or videos of students, be sure to verify they are not on the opt out list. Check with your office coordinator.