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When your student is absent, they are missed by their teachers, classmates, and other school personnel. We strive to make our schools a place where students want to, and are even excited to attend. 

However, we know there are sometimes circumstances that prevent students from attending school. When these arise, please contact your individual school to excuse your child for the time they are missing school.

Details on the SHSD attendance policy can be found in the SHSD 22-23 Family and Student Handbook.  Below is a brief summary.

Regular school attendance is necessary for mastery of the educational program provided to students of the District. Students are expected to attend all assigned classes each day. School staff will keep a record of absence and tardiness, including a call log and/or a record of excuse statements submitted by a parent/guardian or, in certain cases, students, to document a student’s excused absences. 

In case of absences, parents are required to notify the school office and provide the student's name and reason for absence. The student is responsible for completing missed work. Students should notify their teacher(s) if they have a planned absence to arrange for the make-up of any lessons or assigned work that day. 

Anderson Island
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Rue Beyette

Pioneer Middle School
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Steilacoom High School
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