Bullying Prevention

  • All students and staff deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and teach. Steilacoom School District is committed to the prevention of bullying, intimidation and harassment in our schools. 

    How do I report Bullying?
    If any student feels he/she has been harassed or bullied, the incident should be reported immediately to a teacher, school counselor, or principal.

    Students may:

    Harassment (based on protected class) and sexual harassment can be forms of discrimination when it creates a hostile environment.

    What will the school do when they receive a report?

    All staff are responsible for receiving both oral and written reports. Whenever possible, staff who initially receive the report will attempt to resolve the incident immediately. Upon receiving the District's Incident Reporting Form or notification from Safe School Alerts, the school will conduct an investigation. 

    For more information contact:
    Susanne Beauchaine
    HIB Compliance Coordinator 
    Human Resources