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    College and Career Information
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    Attendance Awareness 
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    Pierce County Libraries offer help

    There are several help applications available to students on the website TOOLS.

    Available help in content areas to finding work after high school

    go to www.tools.pcls.us


    Our district values the role of practice and rehearsal in pursuit of mastery of knowledge and skills in all disciplines.  Teachers use formative assessments regularly in the learning plan for their classes.  These assessments are often ungraded, but are important in providing teachers, students, and parents information about how students are progressing in learning the content standards.  Some teachers use homework as a formative assessment.  Homework can be valuable in that it provides extra practice, extra time to master a skill or concept, or enrichment opportunities for students who are exceeding the standards. If homework is assigned it should have a clear purpose and be an activity that students can be successful doing. Some tips for students and parents to make homework a meaningful and effective experience:

    • Find a quiet place, free from distractions such as television.  Headphones are a good tool for canceling noise
    • Make sure there is adequate lighting
    • Review the instructions so that the practice is aligned with teacher expectations
    • Have materials ready: pencil, paper, computer
    • Establish a routine for homework/practice - making it routine strengthens good habits
    • While students should do their own work, showing interest in the activity and progress is good to reinforce effort
    • There are many free resources on the web for research, demonstrations, and tutoring when students experience stuck points