Steilacoom Historical School District Receives Certification from Neural Education

Steilacoom Historical School District became the first district to be certified by Neural Education, the Institute for Connecting Neuroscience with Teaching and Learning. Neural Education is a Washington non-profit that accelerates learning equity, so all children can reach their potential. Working primarily with teachers, Neural Ed staff equip and empower educators to deliver neuro-cognitive methods and practices in the classroom to improve student achievement, self-esteem and success in their classrooms.

This professional development opportunity is in line with the Steilacoom Historical School District focus on Social and Emotional Learning, also called SEL, to build a positive school climate that will increase students’ belief that that their peers and the adults in the school care about their learning and them as individuals. The power of school connectedness for students and families impacts readiness to learn and the ability to benefit from learning opportunities. Staff members who committed their time to the training were able to investigate effective learning models, gain skills for eliminating barriers to learning and increase the integration of cognitive skill development with SEL.

Project Safe and Sound, the district’s Department of Defense Education Activity Grant, funded the three day summer institute. The immersive course, which provided a framework and foundation in evidence-based Neuroscience, allowed each participant to gain insight into the science behind how children learn and are given practical and proven skills to identify and re-engage students.

“We are committed to attending to our students’ social and emotional needs in service of helping all students find success in school. We are fortunate to have in-district leadership and a committed staff who are doing this important work. We are grateful to Neural Education for being an enthusiastic partner in this goal”, stated Dr. Paul Harvey, Executive Director of Student Achievement.

Steilacoom Historical School District serves the communities of Steilacoom, DuPont, Anderson Island, and Ketron Island, plus portions of Lakewood and unincorporated Pierce County.

Learn more about Neural Education mission, beliefs, goals and opportunities at www.