10/14/2019 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 9/19/2019

Attendance:  April, Brigid, Kathleen, Kaylee, Kim, Dana

Good News:  Wonderful snack and library donations, everyone is excited about fieldtrips,

Treasurers Report- Sept/Oct 2019 treasurer report 

 158.52 Lakeshore learning-Teacher-Baby dolls for preschool

172.42 Lakeshore learning –Teacher-Light Table and sensory items

62.32 Amazon –Teacher-Farm hoppers

12.95 Amazon –Teacher-privacy corrals

29.12 Amazon-Teacher-Farm hoppers

79.86 Winco Open House 

126.34 Big John Trophies Open House

 Total 641.55

Checking 5168.82 


Membership- Dana to have update for next meeting

Budget- attached

Old Business

Need President & vice-No offers

Rainboots-to be provided by American Legion for outdoor classroom-in process Dana to check with Joan Altumus

Flagpole & Native Garden-In process, Booster Club purchased dedication plaque


Pallet gardens-in process


New Business

Volunteer Opportunities-

Request Help for preschool

Request Help for k1-fluency reading

Request help for craft ideas for fall party-Kathleen’s Emily may be willing to precut craft items if needed


Snacks and Snack Panty- Kathleen Heedy

Idea to purchase snack pantry for teachers to provide snacks and supplemental food

Idea to donate items that are close to expiring to food pantry

Idea to have outdoor food pantry for those in need

  • People can contact Dana for access to clothes pantry


Playground equipment

Need to start seeing about funding to get new playground equipment

Check with Susan to see where to start-Risk Management preferred vendors?


 Calendar-Fall Craft Party 10/31/2019 2-3 p.m.

Need craft ideas and volunteers for set-up, clean-up


Fundraising- Boon bags -online

Barnes and Noble library fundraiser-online and inperson at Lakewood B & N Dana to share details asap

Idea Wrapping table at craft fair-See about reusable wrapping with pillow cases.  Contact chair about having a table.

 Idea-Garden fundraiser-heirloom seeds, garden equipment. 


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