Meeting Minutes 1/28/2020

Posted by Dana-Lynn Ballou on 2/17/2020

Attendance: Dana Ballou, Kaylee Strausbaugh, Tiffany Tarter

Good News-100th Day of School-Shoes purchased for distribution Feb 6

Treasurer Report No Deposits


67.66 Jiffy Shirt (winter program)

36.68 Amazon (winter program)

59.79 Amazon (winter program)-new lights for stage

75.00 Metroprks (Ft. Nisqually Fieldtrip)

Total 239.13 Checking 5293.59

Membership No Change Calendar

Feb 6-100th Day of School American Legion gift of new shoes

Feb 14 Friendship Craft Party 2-3 pm Craft ideas Volunteers needed-set up, clean up & craft stations

March 2-Read Across America If you Give A….Laura Numerof Theme Volunteers needed for Setup, breakfast helpers, reading,

Fundraising Boon Jan 28-Feb 28 Adjourne