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District Advisory Committees

The Strategic Plan and Board Policies/Procedures call for a variety of committees to assist the Superintendent and Executive Team in facilitating operations and academics throughout the district. Members of these committees can include staff, parents, community members, industry representatives and students, to enable the district to  effectively serve the students, staff and our community. We value our community's support of our schools. If you are interested in being a part of any committee below, please contact us at  and your contact information will be given to the appropriate Committee Chair.


Career Technical Education (CTE) Advisory Committee

 The committee will represent business and industry, education, labor organizations, special populations, community, government, students, parents and teachers. A majority of these members share a working knowledge of the job tasks and competencies required for related occupations, related labor market needs and courses necessary to meet these needs. The committee provides advice in the design, development, delivery, evaluation and continuous improvement of Career and Technical Education programs. 

Committee Chair Charlie Hilen

Community Engagement Board

The goal of the Community Engagement Board is successful school re-engagement and renewed progress toward school completion and graduation for students struggling with attendance. Members of the Community Engagement Board identify collaborative efforts to prevent and remedy truancy in its early stages prior to full Juvenile Court involvement. 

Contact Person Gudrun Sullivan

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

The Steilacoom Historical School District Diversity Committee works to increase opportunities to share and value each other's stories through mentorship, education, and hiring practices with the goal of growing our connected and caring community. The Diversity Committee meets quarterly.

Contact Person Susanne Beauchaine 

Instructional Materials Committee

The IMC is responsible for guiding the curriculum review and adoption process and makes recommendations to the superintendent and school board regarding instructional materials and course modification and approval.  The committee also reviews course design and core instructional materials to ensure their ongoing alignment with state law, teaching and learning standards, and research-based best practices. The district has a multi-year, rotating schedule for curriculum review, of which the IMC is an important processing team.

Committee Chair Laurie Valleries

School Facility Strategic Planning Committee

The School Facility Strategic Planning Committee consists of volunteers from around the district's community and SHSD school employees. The committee will make recommendations to the superintendent and the school board on the priorities for future bond and levy proposals that advance the community's vision for schools. The committee will develop a prioritized list of future capital projects and recommend the timing of future elections. 

Contact Person Shawn Lewis

Special Education Family Advisory Committee

The Special Education Family Advisory Committee is a partnership between the families of students with disabilities who are currently enrolled in SHSD and Student Services leadership. Participating families provide direct input regarding services, programs, and practices that impact their students, as well as questions and concerns. Student Services actively listens to all input and provides monthly informational sessions tailored to meet the expressed needs of our families. 

Contact Person Gudrun Sullvan

Superintendent Student Advisory Committee

The Superintendent Student Advisory Committee consists of Steilacoom High School, Pioneer Middle School, and Saltar's Point Elementary School representatives who meet with the Superintendent on a regular basis. The committee provides information about the district from a student perspective and allows district leadership to make adjustments to better serve our students' needs.

Committee Chair Kathi Weight 

Wellness Committee

The District Wellness Committee designs and implements wellness activities which support the overall health of our students and staff. The committee serves the students and staff via the district’s wellness policy.  Our district understands that the workplace and school environment play a critical role in supporting both child and adult mental and physical well-being. The committee develops the focus of the wellness plan and designs and promotes activities. The Healthy Schools Washington grant provides material, training, and time for the committee members to make the plan work. We know that staff and students who practice active lifestyles and engage in healthy choices have the energy and motivation to excel in their roles.  Our Wellness Committee won the Washington State HealthCare Authority's Zo8 Award in 2021, which honors our district’s hard work and success in promoting health and well-being.

Committee Chair Gudrun Sullivan

Workplace Safety Committee

The Workplace Safety Committee is focused on ensuring a safe work environment for all employees. The safety committee includes employee-elected and employer-selected members. The committee reviews and evaluates the district's response to incidents and discusses and offers recommendations for improvement if needed.

Contact Person Pam Hiles