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Message from the Superintendent

Drone photo of Steilacoom and Puget Sound in fall

Dear Steilacoom Historical School District Families,

Our schools work hard to fulfill the district’s vision of providing “the best education for every student” with a supportive school community that prioritizes strong relationships and fosters the cognitive, social, and emotional development of each student. We care deeply about the hearts and the minds of our learners and as a “Neural Education Champion District,” our schools employ innovative practices to help every student succeed.

This year, our district calendar highlights a different neural education concept each month. We love to engage families and our communities in our social emotional learning efforts to create a shared understanding and intentionality to support all learners. Monthly messages are shared on this page to highlight all the wonderful things that are happening around our school district and we look forward to celebrating our students’ accomplishments with you throughout the year.

Steilacoom Historical School District excels because of our exceptional students, our talented staff and the unwavering commitment from our families and community. We are incredibly grateful for your partnership and support.


Kathi Weight, EdD, Superintendent