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Washington state law recognizes the desire of some parents to seek a home-based instruction for their children.  A parent who intends to have their child receive home-based instruction in lieu of attendance or enrollment in a public school must file an annual declaration of intent with their child's resident school district.

Please contact for questions or assistance.

If you will be providing full-time Home-Based Instruction for your child, complete the form below.  This declaration is to be received by the Steilacoom School District Enrollment Office by September 15 of each school year, or within two weeks of moving into our district boundaries.

Declaration of Intent to Provide Home-Based Instruction Form

Completed forms can be sent to the Enrollment Department:

If your child will be attending one of our district schools for any services (e.g., speech, OT, etc.) or classes (e.g., music, PE, reading, etc.) in addition to being homeschooled, please contact to work with our team to finalize the part-time status. 


For more information about home-based instruction and parent responsibilities:

The following websites provide additional resources for parents and home-based instruction providers.  These are listed as reference only; the Steilacoom Historical School District does not promote or endorse any specific home-based instruction organization.