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Staying Safe Together

Our schools are positive places of learning and work where everyone has a right to a safe and healthy environment. In our school community we all play a shared role in ensuring we are staying safe together. Each school has prioritized safety with proven strategies including: single-point entry at all school sites; security cameras; automatic lock-down systems and collaboration with community partners.

Emergency Preparedness

Each school has a customized emergency management plan that includes emergency protocols, contact information and evacuation plans. Emergencies include situations such as lockdowns, earthquakes, fires or other hazards. Every month all schools perform emergency drills, which include testing of the automated emergency notification system. This system provides for separate emergency buttons and phones that quickly place the school into lockdown.



School Resource Officer

Our SRO program supports a positive school climate by developing relationships with students, parents, and staff, and by helping to promote a safe, inclusive, and learning environment. Our SROs are not onsite to engage in student discipline matters, instead they work to build trust with our students and serve as an experts with issues related to safety matters.

SHSD Cares If You See Something Say Something%22 855-745-3674

Family and Community Role

Our families and community partners play a critical role in supporting the safety of our students and staff. through; volunteering, engaging in student activities and athletics, reporting safety concerns and following our visitor procedures.

Student Well-Being

Well-being is the experience of health and happiness. It includes mental and physical health, physical and emotional safety, and a feeling of belonging, sense of purpose, achievement and success. Well-being is important for students to be ready-to-learn and achieve academically.