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Lockdown Information

What is a lockdown?

  • A lockdown secures the building and classrooms. The purpose of a lockdown is to isolate students and staff from immediate threats of violence that may occur on or near a school.

  • Do not try to contact your student by phone or go to the school. During a lockdown students and staff are to turn off cell phones and other devices since these may attract the attention of the person(s) posing the immediate threat of violence.

When would my student's school go into a lockdown?

  • Anytime there is an immediate threat of violence to students and/or staff. Students are trained to stay in locked classrooms, and wait until an authorized person (police, school administrator) gives the "all clear."

Who can put the school into a lockdown?

  • The principal, SRO or other designated staff can initiate a lockdown when necessary.