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Social Emotional Learning

Superintendent Weight receiving hug from male preschool student with old Pioneer Middle School photo in black & white in back

Dear SHSD Families,

In this year's school calendar, we are highlighting the art of our talented Steilacoom Historical School District students. We are extremely proud of our intentional focus on neural education, which offers us a deeper understanding of the brain's amazing capacity. As neural educators, we recognize how the arts enhance creativity, cognition, and learning.

Over 200 of our staff members have been trained on translating neuroscience research into practical teaching and learning tools that can be applied to the classroom environment to benefit all learners. Neuroscience research has found that arts instruction enhances brain function, can raise serotonin levels, and has a positive impact on cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Amazing neural connections are made when our students sing, draw, dance, paint, perform, and create. Arts activities help our learners develop impressive thinking skills and have an important role in brain development.

I am excited to share these impressive examples of student-created art. As you enjoy the highlighted art samples each month, I encourage you to think about the brainpower that went into each piece. Each project required goal setting, planning, and practice, and each communicates unique sentiment and meaning.

Our entire SHSD team is so thankful for your continued support of our students through the local school levy and for our community's support of all the other locally funded efforts, which allow our students to learn, grown, and share through the arts.


Dr. Kathi Weight