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Student Services

Steilacoom Historical School District's Student Services department is committed to providing support to families, staff, and students to ensure every student achieves meaningful and challenging learning outcomes. More information on Special Education, Childfind, and Section 504 services can be found at the links on the left. Student Services also oversees school counselors, found in each of our schools and the Home Hospital program.

Executive Director of Student Services  Gudrun Sullivan
Director of Student Services  Tabitha Ellison
Student Services Department Specialist  Gretchen Mazikowski

511 Chambers Street
Steilacoom, WA 98388
Phone: (253) 983-2238
Fax: (253) 582-9274 


Updates on Special Education

June 7, 2023

The Social Emotional Learning skill for the month of June is reflection. It's common for teachers to engage in reflective practice at the end of a school year, to identify the instructional strategies that were effective as well as those that didn't result in desired outcomes. 

Since learning is a shared process between teachers and students, it's important for students to engage in reflection too. Student voice is a vital component of the IEP team process and helps guide the adult team members to create plans that are truly individualized and meaningful. Everyone who supports students at school, home, or in the community is in a position to guide the meaningful reflection to help them become expert learners. Here are some questions for reflection:

*Where do you learn best? What are the characteristics of the environment that helps your brain focus and learn? 

*What are the barriers to your learning? 

*What did you learn this school year that you didn't know before? What helped you learn it?

*Is there anything that you just didn't understand or a goal you didn't reach this year? What made it difficult?

*What does a good day at school look like for you? 

We know that parents are the ultimate experts on their children, and may serve as the "voice" for our students with disabilities that impact communication. We value your input and partnership. Have a great summer! 

Gudrun Sullivan
Executive Director of Student Services 
Steilacoom Historical School District No. 1
(253) 983-2238